• Average time spent of 4 min 33 sec on the microsite
  • 10,259 total page views (9,310 unique)
  • 9,310 total union the site
  • 3,240,110 total native ad impressions

Medellin Travel

International Native Content Program

Acclaimed for its perfect climate, Medellin, Colombia is the City of Everlasting Spring. Daily temperatures average 22ºC, and cool air descends from the mountains surrounding the city to temper the heat.

Medellin Travel sought out HATCH64 to help promote the city as an irresistible international travel destination. With so much beauty and culture to offer, the centerpiece of the campaign was the creation of a custom microsite. We showcased the city’s splendor through large format imagery and engaging editorial content.

The main goal of this campaign was to generate engaged traffic for the microsite. We leveraged programmatic Native advertising, ideal for its unobtrusive nature and high engagement rates, to reach high value interest and demographic-based audiences in key US markets and across Colombia. The campaign generated over 10,000 visits to the site with 4,000 visitors spending more than 15 seconds on the page. On average visitors spend four and a half minutes reading and viewing the content.