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Travel Manitoba & Destination Canada

US Hunting CO-OP Program

Secluded beaches, temperate rainforests, continental glaciers, magnificent mountains: Canada enjoys it all. And with so much outdoor richness throughout the country, one of the key challenges that Travel Manitoba faced was distinguishing its province from other Canadian destinations. The goal was clear: help place Travel Manitoba on the list of strongly-considered destinations among outdoor enthusiasts.

The goal of the annual US Hunting CO-OP program, sponsored by Destination Canada, is to grow awareness of Canada’s hunting tourism and increase visitation from the US market. We formulated a strategy for Travel Manitoba incorporating different channels to check off various KPIs. This included display, native, search, geo-targeting and custom content. Leveraging a variety of channels helped us conduct a well-rounded campaign and ensure that awareness was generated among hunters.

Through the use of custom keyword lists associated with hunting, we were able to target relevant webpages. By aligning Travel Manitoba–Hunting around webpages rich in related keywords, we were able to engage with outdoor enthusiasts who were actively seeking relevant information online. Another key strategy we suggested was the use of native ads. These native placements are designed to be seamlessly part of a site, making them more likely to be engaged with without disrupting the user’s flow. With the help of native ads, over 1,000 engagements were made, and we were able to capture keen hunters while generating new awareness for Travel Manitoba.