• Over 16MM impressions
  • Over 950K completed video views
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  • Over 60,000 engagements (.15 + seconds on website)

Travel Manitoba & Destination Canada

US Angling CO-OP Program

Consisting of 13 large provinces and territories, Canada is the world’s second-largest country by total area and is home to spectacular nature and wildlife. The province of Manitoba is the epitome of this. From the Port of Churchill — part of the Arctic Ocean —  to the U.S. borders of North Dakota and Minnesota, Manitoba has so much to offer outdoor enthusiasts. There are 110,000 lakes providing some of the best angling conditions in the world.

The goal of the annual US Angling CO-OP program, sponsored by Destination Canada, is to grow the awareness of Canada’s angling tourism and increase visitation from the US market. The 2018/2019 program combined traditional media and digital programmatic. For the traditional we leveraged specialty television, email, and custom publisher content through publishers including In-Fisherman, Lindner’s, and American Outdoorsman. For the digital portion we took a cross-channel approach to reach the audience from all angles including programmatic display, video, native, Facebook/Instagram, and search engine marketing. Anglers were identified and targeted based on their geography, browsing behavior, interests, purchase/shopping habits, and first party data. Interested audiences were driven to Travel Manitoba’s website to learn more and plan their trip.

The campaign was a major success delivering over 16.4MM impressions and 60,000 engaged site visitors.